Life's True Gold

Life's True Gold

Susie Sierra

In my 20s I was always seeking answers to the big questions, (you know the ones - who am I? what’s my purpose? why am I here?) so it was with great expectation that I decided to see a psychic.

After consulting with my inner circle of passionate truth-seekers, I was put in touch with Genevieve, a highly regarded psychic in Sydney at the time.

I recall Genevieve peering into her metaphysical crystal ball, eyes glazing over, trance-like. Tingles ran up and down my spine as the moment of truth, my ‘raison d'etre’, was about to be revealed! After a short while, she opened her eyes, looked up at me and said, “Susie, you came back for the flowers.” 

I thought, "What? The flowers? That’s it? I came back for the flowers? I didn’t come back to star in a Broadway show or lead a brilliant team to a great scientific discovery?"

I was so disappointed with this simple line of insight into my apparent decision to incarnate into this life that I almost erased the event from my memory then and there. 

Genevieve's words lingered however and over the years, would surface now and again. Each time, I found that my feelings had changed. Gradually her words started to make sense and I began to accept them more and more as a possible truth, perhaps even a profound truth. 

Now today, as I recall her psychic vision I can’t help but find it just so beautiful, poignant even. I believe it’s true. I think I did come back for the flowers. No doubt I had a few other agendas, but I can’t think of anything more noble than dedicating my life to Nature’s highest expression of beauty - flowers! 

As an artist, flowers have been my subject for over 20 years. A love for nature is also the reason why I’m so committed to natural beauty & natural skincare. It’s why I don’t use lab-grown, synthetic ingredients in my beauty products & why my luxury face oils are so pure and distilled. 

Together with my team I take great care to source the highest quality plant & flower essential oils from a variety of countries and some secret suppliers around the world to create finely balanced, unique combinations and formulas for women's skincare & beauty. The emotive fragrances of my face oils come entirely from flowers - Frangipani, Hyacinth and Blue Lotus.

When I walk around the streets and see the flowers in Spring and Summer popping up everywhere, it brings such joy. My heart leaps at the colours of the bursting pinks of the Spotted Gums, the velvety tendrils of the Grevillea & uncontained joy of the Frangipanis.

Nature puts my small worries into complete perspective, dissipating them with ease. I love her for that. 

We may think that our purpose in life calls for a demanding profession with high achievements and shiny awards to pursue. Perhaps we expect to walk an arduous journey believing that in our struggles we will discover the essential key to life. Maybe it is simpler than that.

Maybe, from a soul’s perspective, the true value of a life lived isn’t found in the dramatic highs and lows of loves and losses, but in the soft undulations that lie in-between. Perhaps the ego distracts us with lofty pursuits, so that we miss the real treasures, the ones that sit at our feet, the gems that rest in the shade whispering our name, calling softly. "Over here! I'm just over here!"

Maybe life's true gold is a gentle dance in the rain, beneath a perfect rainbow after a summer storm. Maybe we don't have to do anything except open our eyes.

Life is beautiful and so are you. 

Susie xx 

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