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Can I meditate while lying down or sitting, instead of cross-legged on a floor?

It's all about being comfortable but at the same time alert, to ensure you don't fall asleep during meditation. Find your happy place by trying out different positions. Sitting or lying down are perfectly acceptable ways to meditate if that works for you.

Are there some people who just can't meditate for whatever reason?

Generally, if a person is in full possession of their faculties there is no reason why they cannot meditate. Usually, any problems in this regard are due to misunderstandings in how to best practice meditation.

How does meditation improve mental health and wellbeing?

Stress is the biggest driver of mental health issues in the world today. Meditation helps to switch off the 'fight and flight' response that drives stress and returns us to the 'rest and digest' state where the body and mind can rejuvenate and repair itself.

Why do you include positive programming in some of your meditations?

A meditative state is a great opportunity to introduce new ideas to improve health and wellbeing. Speaking directly to the unconscious mind and being open to the changes you may want to make is a powerful practice for transformation.

Why in some of your meditations do you begin by focusing on the left hand instead of the whole body?

Sometimes it's easier for the mind to focus on one small part of the body before engaging the whole. This is especially so if you are new to meditation. Our hands are very sensitive and there are many nerves that run through the hands and fingers. This can make it easier for us to feel this part of the body before engaging other parts.

What if I can't find a quiet place to meditate in my home?

There are 2 options here. Firstly, work with what you have. If there is noise around then try to accept it rather than resist it. Secondly, look for a quiet place in nature where you can sit undisturbed for a period of time on a regular basis.

How can I improve my meditation practice for best benefits?

There are 2 important factors to keep in mind:

  • Be patient with yourself especially when your mind begins to wander. The mind wanders naturally and is not accustomed to being still or quiet. Observe your thoughts and wanderings without judgement.
  • Be consistent! Practice every day. Even if you have to shorten your meditation due to time contraints, still do it, even if it's just for 5 minutes! Meditation is like building a muscle and consistency is key.