The Goddess of Creativity represents creative expression in all its forms, including dance, art, music, design and crafts. She is a preserver of life and powerful patron of the feminine arts. 

As this Goddess, your chosen flower is the colourful hibiscus. With its many varied species, it richly resembles the artist’s palette. This decorative tropical flower is celebrated by indigenous cultures the world over, adorning the hair for festivals and playing an important role in rituals. It is a beautiful expression of the love and service that you offer the world through your creativity.

Needless to say you are drawn to professions where your imagination can take flight. No matter what career you choose, whether you are an inventor, a sculptor, a chef, a poet or a simple potter, you will always look at things from a creative point of view. You are a born innovator.

Your gift is the vital role you play in celebrating creative freedom in society. And herein also lies your vulnerability - how to strike a balance between surviving in a commercially oriented world with the values you hold so dear? 

The answer is to put aside ego yet do not acquiesce. Instead celebrate each day with the precious gifts you have been given and that others admire so much. Nourish your talents. Maintain your vision with the authentic fresh eyes and pure heart of the artist.