Venus, the goddess of love perfectly embodies this heart-centred emotion. Just think of Sandro Botticelli’s exquisite painting of Venus as she emerges from the sea, a fully grown woman.

The flower most synonymous with love is, of course, the rose. The richer the colour, the deeper the love. Valentine’s Day celebrations reinforce the virtues of this eternal goddess who puts love and desire above all else.

As the Goddess of love, you are happiest when your heart is full and you can shower unbridled affection upon your lover. You wear your ruby rose heart on your sleeve and fall in love quickly and passionately. Your physical beauty makes you almost impossible to resist and you will retain this attractiveness to others throughout your whole life.

Driven by your emotions, your feelings can overwhelm you at times. Any hint of unrequited love from the one you most desire can cause suffering. Your challenge is to balance heart and mind; to elevate your love to a higher frequency where it can connect with a more compassionate, universal love.

Your gift to the world is your ability to love deeply and with an open heart. When you love, it is with the power of a thousand suns. To love wholeheartedly is your destiny. No matter what happens you must keep on believing in love.