The Earth Goddess known as Gaia, is the mother of all creation. She doesn’t just represent the earth, she is the earth and loves to express herself through the rich warm colours in the changing of the seasons. 

The sweet smelling Frangipani is your special flower as it represents Spring & Summer when new life emerges after the long hibernation of winter. Its rich, playful scent draws creatures of all kinds from their burrows and nests to celebrate the season. In fact, this may just be your favourite time of year. 

As a lover of Mother Nature, you feel a deep sense of protection towards the earth and may find yourself in professions such as biology or any of the earth sciences. You might be drawn to the study of herbs, natural therapies or even magic. These professions serve and nourish the earth which is vital at this time as we navigate the difficulties of climate change and war which scar the earth and inhibit her natural cycles.

You might find yourself attending rallies and marches to save the planet. You are happiest when amongst your tribe of earth-loving revolutionaries. Here you will find a compatible mate to share your deep passions and match your vigorous energy. 

You love to indulge in earthly pleasures - your sexuality and fertility can be volcanic. Overindulgence may be your weakness. Your challenge is to connect your earthy roots with the heavenly realms above for the earth does not exist in isolation. She is an intrinsic part of the whole universe and so are you. 

Your gift is to inspire others to see the beauty in nature. You have the capacity to open hearts and minds to the importance of preserving life on this precious planet. Our very existence depends on souls like you who do the deep work that is needed for our survival. Do not underestimate your value to the world. Do not lose hope especially at this critical time in our evolution.