Descending from the higher spiritual realms into the physical world, the Goddess of Wisdom arrives to bestow blessings and give guidance to those who seek higher learning. Spiritual wisdom and the need for enlightenment have been revered by cultures throughout the world for centuries. 

The rise of the feminine divine sees women once again emerging to claim their rightful place in this world. Not since ancient times when women were held in the highest regard, have women experienced such power.

As the Goddess of wisdom, your flower is the sacred Lotus, one of the highest vibrational flowers on earth. A symbol of rebirth, the lotus emerges from dark muddy waters, her perfectly formed petals open to greet the sun. Through this divine ascension, the lotus shows us how we can transcend even the most difficult circumstances to become greater, wiser and find more peace in this world.

Your gift is the guidance and grace you bring to humanity, showing us how to forego material pleasures for something far greater and more rewarding. You help lost souls find a safe passage home. In this world your presence alone can transform those around you. You may notice how people gravitate towards you, seeking your advice and warming to your company. 

An earthly life is not easy and your assistance from the heavenly realms is greatly needed and appreciated.