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For the next few years, I was modelling with a top Sydney agency doing Cosmo and Cleo covers, Vogue spreads and catwalk. The beauty world opened up to me but I didn’t really like everything I saw in the modelling world. Beauty seemed superficial and I was looking for something more.

In my mid 20’s, I moved to the US and launched a range of Australian made, pop-art sculptures. I set up a workshop in Aspen and sold them with great success. I also gravitated to theatre at this time and did a season in repertory theatre with a group of wonderful New York and Chicago actors. What a time that was! I loved performing. After 2 years, I returned home to Sydney to continue with my theatre practice.

However, another page was about to turn for me. In Sydney, a friend asked me to design a menu board for their restaurant. Just for fun, I decided to paint it even though I’d never picked up a paint brush in my life. It was cathartic! I fell madly, deeply in love with painting and within a year opened my own art gallery in Sydney’s east. I went from strength to strength with feature editorials in major art & design publications including, Vogue Living, Belle and many others.

For 20 years, I continued to paint. Through this time, I developed strong spiritual practices of meditation, silent retreats, plant-based living and creative visualisation studies. I was like a monk in a cave honing my skills and going deep into a rich subliminal life. Sometimes I wouldn’t see people for days - just painting. It was bliss.

One morning I woke up and knew change was imminent. It was time to leave my safe cave and re-enter the world. I was changed somehow. I could feel an invisible hand pushing me forward yet I didn’t know where I was going. At the same time the economy went through a severe dive and sales for art slowed. Another cue!

I knew I had to make changes or I would not survive. I closed the gallery and took time out to travel and think about my future. As an artist, beauty was my passionate pursuit. I wondered if there was a way I could bring a deeper experience of beauty to the world and a fresh way of viewing life? Did I have something to offer that people might want or even need?

Around this time, I had an experience in meditation where I found myself in a subliminal dark cave. Reaching down to a stream running through the cave, I discovered it was a river of liquid gold. At the time, I was researching ingredients for beauty products and as it turns out, gold is a wonderful product for the skin with a powerful message through history. That’s when I decided to launch my beauty brand and make gold my hero.