Where are your products made?

Our face oils are formulated and produced in Sydney. Our facilities are cruelty-free; free from animal products and animal by-products. Our producer is an international, award-winning beauty formulator with over 25 years experience.

Are your ingredients vegan-friendly?

Our products are vegan. Our founder, Susie Sierra is also vegan.

Are your products sustainably sourced?

Sourcing from the highest quality crops, we take into consideration, seasonal weather patterns, soil quality, when and how crops are harvested. There are many factors that go into creating superior quality natural ingredients.

Why is gold included in your oils?

We include 24k gold leaf in our face oils. Pure gold stimulates blood flow to the tissues and reinvigorates tired skin. The softness of the gold leaf allows it to dissolve onto the skin's surface. Tiny particles seep in to protect against fine lines and discolouration. Gold is a powerful symbol of our beauty, strength and resilience

How do your face oils affect oily skin?

If skin is deprived of natural oils, it will go into overproduction to make up for a lack of sebum. The right combination of oils can help balance oil production. Marula oil, Red Raspberry seed oil, Meadowfoam seed oil and Camellia seed oil are all known to assist in the regulation of oil production. All these oils are included in our Sierra Gold Face Oils.

What's the best way to use Sierra Gold Face Oils?

For both our Morning and Evening face oils we recommend applying after your day/night moisturiser. The fragrances in our products are designed to be experienced in their pure state. Breathe in the beautiful scents then smooth or press onto the skin. Finally, our face oils will seal in the hydration received from your moisturiser for the very best results.

Is your packaging sustainable?

Our boxes are made with authentic 300gsm French, watercolour paper. This paper has been produced in the same way since the 15th century and is produced from 50% recycled, non-toxic cotton and paper. We also use non-toxic vegetable dyes for all our boxes.