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Susie Sierra Beauty was founded on the power and wisdom of plant-based beauty and a desire to bring a deeper experience of beauty to the world. By investing in natural resources we can empower ourselves and honour the gifts that Nature brings us.

- Susie Sierra, artist & plant-based living advocate


A wonderful anti-inflammatory and skin calmative, 24K gold is ideal for restoring life and vigour to skin. No wonder this precious element was so highly prized by the great Queens of Egypt, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, as their secret beauty elixir.

Gold stimulates blood flow to the skin, firming and improving elasticity and slows down collagen depletion, increasing resilience to damaging elements. With a generous infusion of the highest grade pure gold leaf, Sierra Gold Morning & Evening Face Oils restore skin wealth and add a lustrous glow to the complexion.


Cruelty Free & Vegan - All Susie Sierra face oils are formulated and produced in Sydney, Australia within manufacturing facilities of the highest standards. All are free from animal products, animal by-products and produced by our aware-winning skincare formulator.

Sustainable Farming - By sourcing from the highest quality producers, we are also investing in sustainable farming practices. We take into consideration, seasonal weather patterns, soil quality; how and when crops are harvested, stored and transported. These are just some of the factors that go into creating our superior quality formulations.

Best Practices Packaging - Our boxes are made with authentic 300gsm French, watercolour paper. This paper has been produced in the same way since the 15th century and is recycled from 50% non-toxic cotton rag paper. We also use non-toxic vegetable dyes for all our packaging