When Susie Sierra received a message in her daily meditation, her life and beauty brand took a whole new turn. 

"Every day in my morning meditation, I visit a lush and beautiful garden sanctuary. Full of surprises, extraordinary and unexpected things can happen there." says Susie.

On this particular morning, Susie was suddenly transported to a cool, dark cave beneath her flower garden. In the darkness, she reached down to a stream running through the cave to discover it was a river of liquid gold.

When developing her range of luxury facial oils in 2019, she remembered this magical event and was inspired to research the benefits of gold for skincare. This led Susie to discover the extraordinary properties of this precious metal.

24K gold is one of nature’s most prized elements. As a skincare ingredient, gold stimulates blood flow to the skin, firming and improving skin's elasticity. It slows down the collagen depletion, increasing skin's resilience to the elements and adds a lustrous glow to the complexion.

Gold is a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory and skin calmative and ideal for restoring life to mature skin. Younger skin also benefits from pure gold by way of prevention from premature ageing and the onset of wrinkles. No wonder it was so highly prized by the great Queens of Egypt, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, as their favourite beauty elixir.

With a generous infusion of the highest grade pure gold leaf, Sierra Gold Morning & Evening Face Oils restore skin wealth with a brilliant radiance. 

Sierra Gold Light Morning Face Oil This silky gold elixir includes 9 plant and fragrant flowers oils. The scents of the Frangipani and Hyacinth flowers (both natural antidepressants) evoke feelings of joy and lightheartedness. The light, daytime formula brings vitality and radiance to skin all day long. It soothes and enlivens skin, rejuvenating and protecting, leaving no oily residue.

Sierra Gold Deep Evening Face Oil This luxurious blend of 8 pure botanical oils includes the rich, smooth Camellia Seed oil. The luxurious formula repairs imperfections and nourishes skin deeply while you sleep. The sacred Blue Lotus flower, revered by Buddhist Monks for centuries for its transformative and regenerative properties is a special ingredient and can be categorised as an aphrodisiac. The deeply sensuous, multi-layered fragrance also promotes restful sleep, making it the perfect nighttime formula.

Our face oils are formulated and produced in Sydney. They are vegan, free from parabens, artificial fragrance and colour. They are suitable for all skin types. Both Morning & Evening Face Oils are available in the Gift Store now.