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Congratulations! You have just stepped into a whole new dimension of beauty. I'm delighted to introduce you to an exciting new practise perhaps unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Blooming Face™ is a beauty ritual that was developed by master energy practitioners in Asia over 2,000 years ago. Its secrets were held within the confines of monasteries and practiced by students and masters alike. Once refined it was then passed on only to esoteric groups within a culture such as noblemen and women, Kings or Queens.

Magical is how I would describe it and I speak from my own experience with years of practice. I have been thrilled with results such the healing of small scars, sun damaged spots and dry rough patches. I suppose the loveliest outcome for me is the silkiness this practise brings to my skin.

When we look at health from an holistic view, we are approaching it from a broader perspective, allowing for greater possibilities and with more effective results. Keeping skin healthy and beautiful requires commitment and as with any practise, it takes time to experience the benefits.

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Cruety-free + Vegan
2% to Native Wildlife
Eco Luxury Packaging
  • Cruety-free + Vegan
  • 2% to Native Wildlife
  • Eco Luxury Packaging