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5 Ways to Boost Beauty & Vitality

5 Ways to Boost Beauty & Vitality

Susie Sierra

Beauty begins with the choices we make. How we choose to nourish our body, mind & soul will either bring us joy or leave us depleted. Here are 5 ways to embrace the ageing process with beauty & vitality, from the inner beauty plane to outer beauty physicality.

1. HYDRATION - is filtered water enough? For an instant lift, drink sparkling mineral water every day as it's full of enliving minerals that are quickly absorbed into the body. Choose brands that are bottled at the source, straight from Mother Nature!

2. SUNSCREEN - We all know the importance of using a sunscreen but the best protection against the sun's damaging rays is a physical barrier. Wear a hat! I wear one all year round, even in winter (also keeps my head warm and drying winds off my face).

3. FACE OILS - Add face oils to your skincare routine. No other product will protect your skin like face oils. They seal in hydration and add a fine protective layer to skin creating a barrier to atmospheric toxins. Invest in high quality natural face oils, rich in nutrients as pure essential oils can spoil if not harvested and stored well.

4. GREENS - As we age we lose mineral content, crucial for bone & skin health. Add greens like kale (all varieties) and spinach. Also bitter greens such as watercress, arugula, and radicchio kill energy sapping viruses and bugs in the intestinal tract. Don't forget densely rich spirulina powder or tablets. As a plant based living advocate, I can't emphasise this enough. I thrive on these foods!

5. MINDFUL PRACTICE - Through mindfulness & meditation, we can still the busy mind and learn to appreciate the beauty of the present moment. We step into the deep knowing that comes with our time-honoured experiences on earth. There is no greater beauty than the one that comes with wisdom, appreciation & love for ourselves. 

Meditation is simple but that doesn't mean it's easy! Many find it challenging to master. If you would like to know more about this wonderful practice, please contact me at any time.

Susie xx

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