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How Beauty Can Empower Us

How Beauty Can Empower Us

Susie Sierra

Beauty can be empowering when it moves from the superficial to become a deeper experience. Of course, beauty offers a different experience for everyone. For some, it’s about a physical beauty and for others, it’s more of an inner experience or state of being.

When I was modelling in my 20’s my whole focus was on the physical aspects of beauty. I had to be a certain weight and was constantly competing with lots of beautiful girls for modelling jobs. I got my fair share with magazine covers and Vogue spreads but I wasn’t comfortable. My soul was restless. I wanted something more.

I stopped modelling at age 24 and went looking for that 'something more'. I stumbled into theatre and TV acting, was a weather girl for Channel 10 for a while, had a brush with entrepreneurship in the USA. I was tasting more of life but it wasn’t until I picked up a paintbrush in my early 30’s that something clicked inside me and I finally found my ouvre.

Becoming an artist was cathartic. I felt an aliveness I’d never felt before. Suddenly I saw how blue the sky was and the trees felt like dear old friends. Why had I never noticed them before? I’d find myself in parks secretly hugging them and wondering if they could feel my presence or even speak to me.

Our experience of beauty is shaped by our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world around us. And we are constantly evolving. It’s natural for us to move towards a deeper experience of life and let go of the past.

My world changed because I had changed. I was fortunate to discover a deeper experience of beauty through creativity. Embracing this higher vibrational state is akin to being in love. but without all the expectations that come with being in love, ie "you must love me back!" and the fear of losing something precious. It’s a deep appreciation and passion for life, complete within itself and as I discovered, being in this state had an interesting side benefit.

A few years ago, I was living not far from Coogee Beach. A few streets away was the most beautiful tree-lined street with high arching fig trees. The street was very wide and the figs so large that they stretched right across, creating this magnificent canopy. It was so beautiful that I would always take that route home even though it took me out of my way. 

I would drive up the street almost daily and have the most exquisite feelings for these trees - feelings of beauty and love moved through me. I was grateful just for their existence. There’s no other way to describe it. 

With no plans to move, within 12 months, I found myself living in an apartment right there under the canopy of these glorious trees. Now I get to experience them every day just by looking out the window.  

Some may say that this is a coincidence but I know it’s not because this has happened to me too many times in life. Passion or what I call, ‘the beauty state’ has powerful manifesting potential and the key to its magic? Do not seek or want for anything in return. When you follow your passion amazing things can happen.

You are more beautiful and powerful than you know. 

Susie xx


  • Posted by Diana Prowse on

    Dearest Susie
    Everything about you is beautiful, I celebrate you in my life, for your courage to open up and share with so many other people this deep, rich source of a beautiful being. Your products are divine and are truly a celebration of who you truly are.

    I encourage you to keep shining your light for all of us to be an inspiration for our own paths.

    May your life be filled endless blessings
    Much love and Light Diana xx

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