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The amazing skincare benefits of 24k Gold

The Amazing Skincare Benefits of 24k Gold

Susie Sierra

If you've browsed the shelves of beauty and skincare stores recently, chances are you might have noticed that 24k Gold skincare is enjoying a wonderful resurgence on the beauty scene.

However, this luxurious skin superfood is no fad - many ancient civilisations like the Egyptians used gold in their beauty rituals. Gold is an antioxidant, meaning that it can help protect your skin cells against free radicals (reducing signs of inflammation and premature aging). 

Want to learn a little more about why this secret weapon is becoming a staple in skin-firming solutions and beauty routines? Here are 7 amazing skincare benefits of 24K Gold:

#1 Say goodbye to those wrinkles and fine lines 

Can’t get rid of those stubborn lines? Using gold in your skincare routine activates your basal skin cells, improving skin elasticity and smoothing out all those unwanted signs of mature skin as well as preventively anti-aging on younger skin. Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra are believed to have worn gold leaf masks while sleeping - no wonder they were renowned for their eternal beauty!

#2 Kick those skin cells into gear

Gold is full of beneficial ions that stimulate the cells, nerves and veins under the skin to improve blood circulation. This leads to increased metabolism of skin cells, creating a faster turnover rate to brand, new healthy cells for that youthful glowing skin!

#3 Inflammation can be treated

Gold skincare products can help soothe inflamed skin, as the antioxidant holds anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties to soothe and aid the penetration of oxygen into the skin. It is a popular ingredient in treatments for skin inflammatory conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, and Rosacea. In fact, there’s an old wives tale where if you had an irritated eye and wore a gold ring, you’d bring your hand to your eye and it would bring relief!

#4 Enjoy tighter skin

The skin may begin to sag as elasticity begins to decrease after the age of 25, but the use of gold can not only reduce the breakdown of elastin but restore skin firmness in facial tissues through stimulating collagen production. This leads to tighter, more toned skin, making you look younger!

#5 Bring brightness back to dull skin

Whether you have a poor sleep schedule, over-work or are under pressure, your skin absorbs all this stress, often leading to lacklustre skin. 24K gold is a popular remedy, as the improved blood circulation brightens and evens skin tone, reducing the appearance of shadows and unwanted pigmentation.

#6 Protect your skin in harsh environments

Since gold is an antioxidant, it has the ability to protect vulnerable skin from free radicals and sun damage. The refreshing hydration from 24K gold products provides a barrier in harsh conditions that may dry out the skin such as windy, cold weather or polluted city environments. With 24K gold, you can protect your skin with ultra-hydration against harmful environments.

#7 Gold stimulates skin for that gorgeous, healthy glow

Not only does 24k gold bring brightness back to dull skin, but it’s also popular for its hydrating effect, helping to balance moisture for a stunning, natural glow! Adding the perfect amount of sheen, the tiny gold flakes that melt into your skin when massaged lightly leave a gorgeous radiance under makeup or on its own!

Looking to test out 24K gold in your skincare routine? We recommend our 24K gold-infused facial oil line, available here. Your skin will thank you!


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