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Do you Identify as a  Highly Sensitive Person? ⁠

Do you Identify as a Highly Sensitive Person? ⁠

Susie Sierra

A Highly Sensitive Person* is a term originally coined by psychologist, Elaine Aron in her book by the same name. It refers to someone who experiences life more vividly and deeply than others. 

HSPs have a rich imagination and well developed inner life experience. With their heightened sensitivities, they can be profoundly moved by the beauty of the world around them, especially in nature. They may be gifted and as such, well suited to creative professions or lifestyle. In fact, many artists fall into this category.

With their empathic natures, HSPs can experience feelings as colours, sounds or even textures, engaging the full array of their senses. According to science up to 20% of the population may be genetically engineered this way. 

Being extra-sensitive does come with it’s challenges and HSP's need to manage their finely tunes personalities well. Spending time quietly, walking in nature and regular meditation will soothe their emotions. 

To find out if you might be an HSP, check the description below:⁠

  • HSPs are less driven by external rewards. They are not as excited by the things that many others chase, such as job promotion, pay raise or social inclusion.⁠
  • ⁠According to scientific study, HSPs have more active “Mirror” neurones. These are the brain cells that allows us to feel empathy & compassion for others. ⁠
  • ⁠HSPs can be easily overwhelmed by bright lights, noise, crowds and especially when visiting shopping centres. ⁠
  • ⁠HSP’s naturally access their intuition when assessing any given situation. Potentially this makes them good judges of character and less likely to be fooled by others.
  • ⁠HSP’s love solitude and need more quiet/alone time to soothe and rebalance their emotions.

~ Susie Sierra


* The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron.



  • Posted by Diana Prowse on

    Susie, Yes I agree I feel it is a privilege to be a “Highly Sensitive Person” we experience a deeper level of emotions and we can really celebrate the people in our life and the challenges that sometimes come. Plus the internal and external vibration of loving kindness which we transmit to all on the planet.Be Love and be Loving.

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